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Serious homebuyers choose us to lock in substantial savings and exclusive incentives.  Manufacturers choose us because our Buyer Readiness program delivers serious buyers.  

Our values

By assisting homebuyers with prequalification criteria, we deliver a win/win value proposition that reduces cost and waste for homebuyers and manufacturers. 

Marketing Mastery

Our proprietary digital marketing formula delivers a steady stream of pre-qualified homebuyers who are ready to transact. We are masters of demand generation, demand-shifting, and re-marketing. Put our expertise to work for your product line and you may need a bigger factory.

Pre-Qualified Buyers

Our exclusive Buyer Readiness Program is the most efficient way to get serious buyers into a ready-to-transact state with a compatible property, a qualified contractor for site prep, and verified project financing. Our advisors give unqualified buyers actionable steps and referrals to get to a pre-qualified state quickly.

Unmatched Value

Similar to the manufacturer/dealer relationships in the automobile industry, COH Home Advisors functions as a broker (aka dealer) for home manufacturers. We negotiate exclusive incentives, price lock-ins, and upgrades that homebuyers can't get anywhere else.


After mastering the most profitable digital marketing formula for presale homes in North America, the COH Home Advisors team is applying the same mastery to the prefab and modular homes industry. To learn more, schedule a Manufacturer Consultation below.

Our Story

In one of the most competitive and expensive luxury condo presale markets on earth, our digital marketing team developed a proprietary formula that boosted sales by 1122% over a 2-year period (and catapulted sales volume into the hundreds of millions of dollars).  Today, the same veteran team of real estate marketing experts is applying this formula to the prefab and modular industry on a pay-for-performance basis.  We only get paid when we deliver orders.  To put our team and know-how to work for you, please schedule a Manufacturer Consultation below.