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Whether you’re building 4 homes or 400, the value-for-money that prefab/modular housing formats deliver eclipses custom-built housing by a wide margin.


Developers that embrace prefab and modular formats can deliver more homes, faster… And offer homebuyers more home for their investment.

More Home For Less

The design-calibre and finishings available in the prefab and modular home sector have met or exceeded what's possible in the custom-built home sector. With cost savings ranging from 20% to 50%+ over a custom-built home, prefab and modular homebuyers get a larger home with a higher grade of finishings for the same investment. This translates to an unbeatable competitive advantage for developers competing with custom-built homes.

Preferred Terms

For Developers ordering 4+ homes. COH Home Advisors has pre-negotiated preferred terms with most Partner-class Manufacturers in our catalog. Need a model home fast for a new development? We have also pre-negotiated expedited production line access for the construction of model homes to display on-site. Most completed model homes can be delivered anywhere within the US and Canada within one week.

Private Label

Yes, you can private label many of the models from our Partner-class manufacturers with customized layouts, colors, and finishes. If you are interested in creating a bespoke version of any of the models you see in our catalog to market under your own brand(s), please schedule a Developer Consultation.

Let's Chat

The spectrum of what may be possible for developers is broad. It starts with a conversation. If you have secured the subject land for development and have project financing in place, please schedule a Developer Consultation.

Developer Program

Take advantage of our expertise, access, and preferred terms to deliver MORE HOMES, FASTER FOR LESS to your target homebuyers.