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A once-in-several-generations housing boom is underway.  History has proven manufacturers that leverage external sales and marketing teams will gain advantage and scale faster. 


Focus on scaling production volume.  Outsource sales, marketing, and buyer pre-qualification to the pros.

Vetted Homebuyers

A pre-qualified homebuyer file from COH Home Advisors has been validated for the following: a) Property in possession; b) Contractor in place (validation of local zoning permissibility, site prep, etc.); c) Financing in place (cash, HELOC, etc.). We don't turn away prospective homebuyers who don't meet these criteria. Instead, we assist them with referrals to get their file into a pre-qualified state before submitting their file and organizing their deposit via

Reduced Labor Costs

COH Home Advisors delivers pre-qualified, ready-to-transact homebuyers with deposits in escrow. This reduces manufacturer labor costs in two important ways. First, a manufacturer's brightest product experts' time is not wasted communicating with unqualified buyers. Second, every pre-qualified file from COH Home Advisors has a qualified contractor assigned for site prep which ensures manufacturere staff are dealing with experts rather than expending valuable time educating non-expert homebuyers before they have selected a contractor to secure building permits and perform the necessary site prep.

Deposits in Escrow

As every manufacturer knows well, a prospective homebuyer who isn't willing to place a deposit on the home they want is not a serious buyer. The COH Home Advisors Buyer Readiness Program filters out these buyers so manufacturers can focus valuable staff time on orders from buyers who are serious. A USD$495 1st deposit offers serious buyers an opportunity to lock-in their home at the current price (plus any current incentives). Once they have completed their Buyer Readiness Consultation, they are required to place a more significant deposit via (refundable minus escrow fees if order isn't completed). The manufacturer sets the 2nd deposit amount (ex. 10% of home value)


COH Home Advisors earns a brokerage fee for each home sold via the Partner Program. Similar to the automobile industry's manufacturer + dealer business model, housing manufacturers that leverage this business model will scale faster and become dominant players.

Partner With Us

Our pay-for-performance business model ensures you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by working with COH Home Advisors.  If you’re interested in seriously scaling your production, please schedule a Manufacturer Consultation below.